Common faults of screw air compressor
Oct 29 , 2021
1. High temperature or high temperature fault shutdown:
Inferior oil or poor oil product, lack of oil; oil filter clogged or poor oil circuit; fan motor failure (contactor failure); air filter clogged; temperature sensor failure; poor heat dissipation of the cooler or blockage of the radiator; temperature control valve failure ; The host is damaged.

2. The whole machine consumes a lot of fuel:
High oil content of non-exhaust: leakage of lubrication pipes or failure of seals
High oil content: Whether the return pipe is unblocked;
The oil level is too high; long-term low-pressure operation; oil failure; oil emulsification or deterioration; precision filter failure; loading and unloading too frequently.

3. Electrical failure:
Whether the electrical part is operating normally (high voltage, low voltage, bad contactor); motor failure; bad contact of the power switch.

4. Gas production is not loaded:
Intake valve failure; solenoid valve failure;
Other faults: air leakage/blocking of the control air pipe, loose control wiring, failure of the controller keys.

5. Abnormal shutdown:
Non-overload shutdown: high temperature shutdown, power failure, loose wiring, loop relay or insurance failure;
Overload shutdown: Exhaust pressure is too high, thermal relay failure, lubricating oil viscosity increase, main motor failure, motor or contactor wiring loose, host failure, set value is too small.
Be sure to turn off the power and completely relieve the pressure during maintenance.
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