How to efficiently deal with compressor oil coking
Jun 25 , 2024

In actual production work, if the lubricating oil coking will seriously affect the efficiency of the compressor, when found coking, should be dealt with promptly!

Slight coking

Phenomenon: high exhaust temperature, odor on the spot, increased current, compressor oil viscosity, acid value increases, a small amount of asphalt coking oil drum wall, the system has more oil sludge, oil filter frequently blocked, head rotor with varnish and so on.


Replace with new oil, add online cleaner, clean the system with new oil and add new oil.

Severe coking

Phenomenon: the compressor can not start after stopping, there is asphalt-like material in the head, the head is stuck, there is asphalt-like material on the inner wall of the oil drum, the compressor oil becomes honey-like, etc.


Method 1

Remove the head, use alkaline/acidic, solvent-based substances to clean the head and clean the system. Disadvantages:labor-intensive and time-consuming, will affect the life of the new oil, the

Method 2

Use immersion cleaner, no need to dismantle the machine, Advantage: save time and effort, less impact on the life of new oil.

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