How To Quickly Troubleshoot Screw Air Compressors
Oct 11 , 2021

Any screw compressor of any brand has a common failure point:the high exhaust temperature of the unit (over 110°C) causes a shutdown.What are the reasons for this failure?The first is to check the oil level.Lack of oil can easily cause high temperatures.The second is that the cooler is dusty,and the third is that the temperature control valve is stuck.The fourth is that the ambient temperature is high and the ventilation is poor,and there is no way to discharge the heat generated by the machine.The fifth is the temperature sensor failure.

The five problems explained above can basically solve the fault.Then,when the unit pressure is low,the actual air consumption is greater than the output air volume of the unit,the air release valve fails to close when the load is loaded,the intake valve fails,and the hydraulic cylinder fails.The load solenoid valve is faulty and the minimum pressure valve is stuck,and there is leakage in the user's pipe network.The pressure setting is too low.Pressure sensor failure,pressure gauge failure,pressure sensor or pressure gauge input hose leak.Unit exhaust pressure is too high,intake valve failure,hydraulic cylinder failure,load solenoid valve failure,pressure setting too high,pressure sensor failure,pressure gauge failure,pressure switch failure.

When the screw air compressor unit starts,the current is large or the tripping is mainly caused by the user's air switch.The input voltage is too low,and the switching interval of the star-delta starting wiring diagram is too short (should be 10-12 seconds).Screw air compressor intake valve failure (opening degree is too large or stuck),wiring is loose,host failure 1TR time relay is broken (relay control unit).The voltage is too low,the wiring is loose,the group pressure exceeds the rated pressure, the separation core is blocked,and the contactor fails.

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