Application Fields Of Oil-free Silent Air Compressor
Jul 14 , 2021

When it comes to air compressor,people seem to always remember the motor roar which has brought great influence to our life.Because of the disadvantage of high noise,the application scope of air compressor has great limitations.With the continuous development of science and technology,the oil-free silent air compressor with the characteristics of environmental protection,energy saving,stability and durability arises at the historic moment,and has been widely used in many industries.

The air end of oil-free silent air compressor adopts advanced special temperature resistant and anti-wear materials,self-lubricating and oil-free cup piston for air compression.The main core of the design is the sound reduction effect of its outer shell cover,the reduction of machine speed,the muffler of intake and exhaust,and the selected head and motor ratio.It has the advantages of energy saving,electricity saving,environmental protection,no oil,no water,low noise,compact structure,small volume,simple operation,stable operation,durable and beautiful appearance.

Let's take a specific look at which fields or industries need to use oil-free silent air compressor.

1.Medical industry:dental comprehensive treatment instrument,ventilator,medical high pressure air gun,nuclear magnetic resonance,etc.

2.Laboratory instrument industry:mass spectrometer,light scattering detector,gas chromatograph,atomic absorption spectrophotometer,optical platform,air flotation platform,liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry,etc.

3.Environmental protection industry:ozone generator,air flotation machine,filter press,belt sludge dehydrator,slag dehydrator,filter tank,mobile toilet,etc.

4.Precision electronics industry:mounter,dispensing machine,reflow soldering,welding machine,screen printing machine,pad printing machine,solder paste printing machine,plate making machine,etc.

5.Textile and printing industries:air jet loom,offset press,packing machine,printing machine,etc.

6.Biopharmaceutical industry:fermentor,reactor,spray dryer,autoclave,high efficiency fluidized bed dryer,fluidized bed dryer,ultrasonic bottle washing machine,etc.

7.Food processing and packaging industry:food processing production line,bag packing machine,powder/liquid filling machine,sealing machine,color sorter,film blowing machine,etc.

8.Petrochemical and natural gas industry:logging instrument,impeller pump,pneumatic diaphragm pump,pneumatic valve,instrument air system,etc.

9.Communication industry:cable inflator,pneumatic stripping machine,automatic terminal machine,electric mast,etc.

10.Industrial manufacturing industry:CMM,plasma cutting machine,laser cutting machine,spray paint room,grinding machine,ultrasonic welding machine,etc.

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