The Function Of The Air Compressor Control System
Jun 26 , 2021

The air compressor is now a must-have equipment for every factory.With the continuous improvement of science and technology,most screw air compressors are now equipped with intelligent control systems.The control system provides rich maintenance and early warning functions for the air compressor,ensuring the reliable operation of the equipment.Its specific functions are as follows:

1.AC power phase sequence detection function.Maintain the air compressor system to prevent the motor from reversing. Maintain the main motor and fan.

2.Undervoltage and phase loss detection of AC power supply.Air end over-temperature warning,over-temperature shutdown protection function.

3.Ensure the safety of users' gas pipeline network equipment.

4.Overpressure protection.Timely maintenance and warning.

5.Intelligent detection of temperature sensor failure.Timely maintenance and warning.

6.Pressure transmitter failure detection.Inverse time characteristic protection for short-circuit current.

7.Motor overload and phase failure protection.Inverse time characteristic protection for short-circuit current.

8.Fan overload and phase failure protection.And turn off all control outputs.

9.Make the inverter stop running immediately in emergency stop.It is equipped with fault detection and alarm functions such as air filter clogging,oil filter clogging,and separator clogging.Provides maintenance reminder function for air filter,oil filter,separator,lubricating oil and other components.Air compressor operating parameter setting has authority classification function.It can avoid abnormal setting of working parameters and prevent unauthorized modification.When the user sets the parameters,it has the function of parameter association constraint.The history recording function of important fault signals is convenient for fault analysis.

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