Common Faults And Solutions Of Direct Piston Air Compressor
May 19 , 2021

With the advantages of low price,simple structure,convenient maintenance and long service life,direct driven piston compressor has been widely used in all walks of life.Today,I would like to talk about some common faults and solutions of direct connected portable piston air compressor in daily application.

1.Cause of failure:lack of oil.Oil is an essential part of air compressor.80% of the faults of direct air compressor are caused by lubrication.Long time oil shortage of air compressor will lead to dry friction of various parts,resulting in different degrees of damage to various parts,such as crankshaft fracture,serious damage of machine head.

Solution:regularly observe the oil level of the air compressor.Once the oil level is lower than the oil level line,the special oil for the air compressor should be filled immediately.

2.Cause of failure:poor quality of lubricating oil.Poor quality of lubricating oil will cause the piston ring to be absorbed,thus reducing the exhaust volume.

Solution:to choose the regular manufacturer's lubricants.Do not use unqualified oil with an unknown origin.After long-term operation of the air compressor lubricants will contain impurities,dust,etc.,so every 500 to 800 hours should be replaced oil.

3.Cause of failure:high temperature.Too high discharge temperature will also cause the piston ring to be absorbed,resulting in the reduction of discharge flow.

Solution:air compressor working environment temperature should not be too high,generally not more than 40℃.At the same time,check whether there is air leakage in the valve.If there is air leakage in the valve,the discharged high-temperature air will return to the cylinder.At this time,the valve plate should be replaced.

4. Cause of failure:poor tightness of air filter and air valve.The reduction of air flow of direct driven air compressor is also related to the tightness of air filter and air valve.

Solution: clean the dirt on the air filter,valve plate and valve piece regularly.Under normal circumstances,clean the air filter every 200 hours,and clean the air valve every 500~800 hours.

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