How To Extend The Service Life Of The Belt Piston Air Compressor
May 22 , 2021

With the rapid development of air compressor industry,screw air compressor has become the preferred equipment in many industries.But the belt piston compressor is favored by many enterprises because of its high efficiency,stability and strong power.So what should we pay attention to in our daily use to ensure a longer life of the belt piston air compressor?

1.Before the operation of the piston compressor,check whether the power switch and power line are damaged,and whether the power line and grounding wire are reliable.

2.Check whether the foundation of the air compressor is stable,and whether the water and oil in the air tank are discharged clean.

3.Check whether the screws of piston cylinder,crankcase and pulley are tight,whether the air filter is blocked and damaged by foreign matters,and whether the air pipe of piston cylinder is damaged.

Note: the lubricating oil in the crankcase should be replaced every three months;Clean the air filter once a month and replace it every three months.

4.Check whether the oil level of the lubricating oil is at 1/2 of the oil mirror,otherwise,please add oil to the oil level line as soon as possible.If the lubricating oil is dirty or leaking,replace it immediately.

5.Check whether the belt is properly tightened and there is no crack,whether the fastening screws of the motor are normal,whether the pulley and motor rotate flexibly,and whether the belt cover is tight and there is no damage.

6.Check whether the transmission shaft has abnormal noise,whether the air pipes and joints leak,whether the air pressure is stable,and whether the water drainage of the oil-water filter is normal.

If the above problems are found after inspection,they must be solved immediately.

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