How to maintain the oil-free air compressor to help extend the service life?
Jun 25 , 2024

Oil-free air compressor use for a period of time after the need for regular inspection and maintenance, from the start to operation to check the material, and finally regular regular to go to the parts repair and maintenance, can help to extend the service life of the oil-free air compressor, the following will be explained in detail, what are the specific main attention to, take a look at it!

Extend the service life of the oil-free air compressor method.

First of all, in accordance with the operating procedures of oil-free air compressor equipment, most of the shutdown work, the normal shutdown procedure is the opposite of the startup procedure. Simply gradually reduce the speed to a very low speed. Fully open the exhaust branch valve, completely close the exhaust door, shut down the drive machine, and confirm that the whole series of air compressor equipment will gradually stop automatically. The cooling water supply should not be stopped for 30 minutes after the equipment has stopped.

Second, after completing the operation of the oil-free air compressor equipment, pay attention to checking the cutting of each level and checking the fit between the cut pieces and the cutting body. If there are cracks on the cut pieces, replace them with spare parts. Check the front cover of each level of cylinder, check the friction of cylinder mirror If there is any friction mark, find out the reason. Check the friction between the cross slide and the friction surface with the body guide. Remove the connecting rod big end bushing and crosshead pin and check the friction on the friction surface.

Similarly, it is necessary to check whether the oil level indicated by the oil level indicator of the oil-free air compressor meets the requirements. As well as the connection and fixing of the connecting parts. If there is any looseness, fix it promptly. Observe and judge whether the moving parts are flexible. Turn the flywheel by hand and make the oil-free air compressor idle twice or three times. In case of jamming and collision.

Then, pay attention to check the quality of oil-free air compressor lubricant and replace the lubricant in the body. After the initial operation of the oil-free air compressor, a large amount of metal fines enter the lubricating oil due to the grinding of the parts and the cleaning effect of the lubricating oil. Therefore, all lubricants should be replaced after 24 hours of operation. After 200 hours of operation, change the oil again. After two changes, please change the oil according to the routine maintenance requirements.

Maintenance of main parts of oil-free air compressor:.

1. According to the above table maintenance and replacement of components must be sure: oil-free air compressor system pressure have been released, and other pressure sources have been isolated, the main circuit switch has been disconnected, and has been made not to close the safety signs.

2. Compressor cooling lubricant replacement time depends on the use of the environment, humidity, dust and the presence of acidic and alkaline gases in the air. Newly purchased oil-free silent air compressor for the first 500 hours of operation shall be replaced with new oil, and then replaced every 4000 hours according to the normal oil replacement cycle - times, annual operation of less than 4000 hours of the machine should be replaced once a year.

3. The oil filter must be replaced in the first 300-500 hours of operation, the second time in the use of 2000 hours of replacement, and later on, according to the normal time every 2000 hours of replacement.

4. Remember to prevent any debris from falling into the main chamber of the compressor when repairing and replacing the air filter or air inlet valve. When the operation will be closed to the host inlet, after the operation is completed, to use their hands in the direction of rotation of the host to rotate several times, to determine that there is no obstruction, before turning on the machine.

5. In every 2000 hours of operation of the machine must check the belt tension, if the belt is loose, must be adjusted until the belt is tight; in order to protect the belt, in the process of preventing the belt due to oil contamination and scrapped.

6. Every time the oil is changed, the oil filter must be changed at the same time.

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