Share four frequently asked questions about centrifugal compressors
Jun 25 , 2024

1, centrifugal compressor characteristics?

Centrifugal compressor is a type of turbocompressor, with a large gas handling capacity, small size, simple structure, smooth operation, easy maintenance and the gas is not contaminated by oil, can be used in more forms of drive and so on.

2, centrifugal compressor working principle?

Generally speaking, the main goal of improving gas pressure is to increase the number of gas molecules per unit volume, that is, to shorten the distance between the gas molecules and molecules, in order to achieve this goal, the use of gas dynamics, that is, the use of mechanical components (high-speed rotation of the impeller), the work of the gas, so that the gas in the centrifugal action of the pressure is improved, while the kinetic energy is also increased, and then in the expansion of pressure This part of the kinetic energy in the flow channel and transformed into static pressure energy, and make the gas pressure further increase, this is the working principle of centrifugal compressor.

3What are the common prime movers of centrifugal compressors?

Centrifugal compressor common prime mover: electric motor, steam turbine, combustion turbine and so on.

4What are the auxiliary equipment of centrifugal compressor?

Centrifugal compressor host operation is based on the premise of the normal operation of auxiliary equipment, auxiliary equipment, including the following aspects.

(1) lubricating oil system.

(2) cooling system.

(3) Condensate system.

(4) Electrical instrumentation system i.e. control system.

(5) Dry gas sealing system.

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