Should The Air Compressor Be Repaired Or Replaced
Sep 23 , 2021

In this era of rapid economic development,99% of factories need to use air compressors.Once the air compressor is broken,should the factory choose to repair or replace it?Today,the editor asks our factory's masters who have ten years of experience in repairing air compressors on this issue.Next,let us see how professional maintenance masters give you advice,and hope to help those in need!

For some small piston air compressors,if the cost price is less than 1,000 yuan,there is no doubt that they will choose to replace a new one.However,not all high-cost air compressors must be repaired,and due to the long-term and use environment,they have to choose a new machine.

If the high-pressure air compressor has been used for too long or in a poor environment,the main core components of the air compressor have been severely worn.If maintenance is selected at this time,the maintenance cost will account for more than 50-60% of the purchase cost of new equipment.Consider buying a new machine.

If the medium and high pressure screw air compressor is used for too long,the screw rotor may have problems such as bearing wear,excessive meshing clearance,poor oil path,vibration,and excessive operating noise.If not inspected and repaired in time,abnormal rotor friction,gear shifting,reduced operating reliability,reduced efficiency,and increased energy consumption may occur,which will have a full impact on production.For a company,the result of affecting production is equivalent to an increase in the company's intangible costs.At this time,considering the company's comprehensive influence,it is more cost-effective to purchase new machines.In addition,if the air compressor that has been used for a long time is locked,the repair and maintenance cost of the air compressor is higher.

So if the air compressor is broken,should I choose to repair it or replace it?It depends on the cost of the air compressor itself,as well as the maintenance cost of the air compressor.The use time and use environment are also influencing factors.

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