How To Remove Moisture In Compressed Air
Sep 15 , 2021

There is always moisture in the air.When the air is compressed and cooled above its dew point in a compressed air system,it condenses into liquid water.Since the compressed air system relies on dry air,if the air is humid,the system will not operate well.More specifically,the air must not contain any liquid moisture,and the relative humidity should be less than 50% to prevent corrosion.

The moisture in the compressed air is "destroying"

(1) It will block the control gas path,prevent the instrument from reading or starting correctly,and cause general instrument failure.

(2) It may cause a water hammer event,thereby damaging equipment and pipelines.

(3) May cause product deterioration and damage product integrity.

(4) When water enters from the air flow,the process may be directly affected.

Removal of moisture to prevent corrosion is also important for equipment that uses air and the air system itself.Particles produced by rust and scale can foul the pipes and damage the components of the air system.In the worst case,corrosion may cause the pipeline to fail to work,create leaks and prevent air from entering the required process.

Most manufacturers will use compressed air dryers as one of the dehumidification methods.The air leaving the compressor is heated and saturated with 100% water.As the air cools,the liquid water begins to condense.Although filters and separators can remove liquid droplets in the system,they cannot remove water vapor.In order to remove water vapor,a dryer must be used.

How to remove moisture in compressed air?

With cooling and separation,the compressed hot air is cooled,resulting in a large amount of water condensation.Once the water has condensed,it can be separated from the air.This is usually done through an aftercooler or heat exchanger.

Mode drying,using the selective permeation process of gas components in the air to separate water vapor.As the filtered wet compressed air enters the cylinder,water vapor will penetrate into the film coating and collect on the fibers.

Adsorption drying is a chemical process in which water vapor is combined with absorbent materials such as sodium chloride or sulfuric acid.The absorbent material can be solid or liquid.

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