Six Vulnerable Parts Of A Screw Air Compressor
Jan 05 , 2021

Screw air compressor has a series of unique advantages, such as simple structure, reliable work, convenient operation, and so on. Now it has been fully and widely used. In the daily production of enterprises, usually need to replace some air compressor vulnerable parts, if not properly handled, will directly affect the normal operation of air compressor and equipment safety. Below we sort out the screw air compressor six vulnerable parts, I hope you can timely replacement.

1.Air filter

The air filter consists of an air filter assembly and a filter element, and is externally connected to the air inlet valve of the air compressor through a joint and threaded pipe to filter dust, particles and other impurities from the air. Different types of air compressor according to the size of the air intake to choose to install the air filter.

Common failure: Clogged filter

2.Oil filter

Oil filter is generally a kind of paper filter, its function is to remove impurities in the oil such as metal particles, oil degradation, etc., filter accuracy between 5um-10um, to protect the bearing and rotor.

Common failure: oil filter failure

3.Oil separator element

The oil and gas separator is made of many fine glass fibers. The oil mist from the compressed air will be completely filtered through the oil and gas separator. Under normal operation, the separator can last for approximately 3000 hours.

Common faults: poor blockage/damage/burn/separation

4.The lubricating oil

The role of air compressor oil is to form a protective film between the critical points of two friction screw, to avoid direct contact between the screw, so as to buffer the friction effect, lubrication, reduce wear, in addition to cooling, noise reduction, sealing, rust, and other effects.

Common faults: failure of lubricating oil

5.The belt

The belt has good elasticity, which can ease the impact and vibration during working, running smoothly and noiseless. When the load is too large, the belt will slip on the wheel, which can prevent other parts from damage and play a role of safety protection.

Common faults: poor elasticity of belt

6.Electromagnetic valve

Used in air compressor control systems to regulate the direction, flow, speed, and other parameters of the medium.

Common failure: no action

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