How to choose the right air compressor
Jan 06 , 2021

It is very important to choose the air compressor correctly, too large selection will cause waste, too small selection may lead to the air compressor in the loading state or gas shortage for a long time. In the face of many brands of air compressor, you are not dazzling? Next let's teach you how to choose the correct air compressor?

1、Consider the safety of air compressor operation

Air compressor is a pressure working machine, working with temperature rise and pressure, the safety of its operation must be put in the first place. Usually the product quality that certificate is all ready manufacturer has assurance, won't appear commonly big quality problem, although appear a few problems, manufacturer also can be responsible for 3 packets.

2、Consider the air compressor exhaust volume and exhaust pressure

Air displacement is one of the main parameters of the air compressor, the selection of air compressor air volume and the required volume to match, and leave a 10% margin. If the air volume is large and the air compressor exhaust volume is small, a start of the pneumatic tool, will cause the air compressor exhaust pressure greatly reduced, but can not drive the pneumatic tool.

3、Consider the use of air compressor and conditions

If the gas space is small, such as ship, vehicle, etc., vertical should be selected; If there is a long distance variation (more than 500 meters), mobile should be considered; If there is no power supply, the diesel engine should be selected. If there is no running water, you must choose the air-cooled type.

4、Consider the air compressor air compression quality

The compressed air generated by the general air compressor contains a certain amount of lubricating oil, and a certain amount of water, some occasions are forbidden oil and water, at this time the compressor selection should pay attention to, if necessary, to add ancillary equipment.

5、Consider the energy efficiency grade of the air compressor

The formulation of national energy efficiency standards is divided according to specific power, and the size of this value as the evaluation standard is more in line with the actual use status of customers. The smaller the unit input specific power value is, the more power saving the machine will be.

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