The Maintenance Of Screw Air Compressor Can Greatly Extend The Life Of The Machine
Aug 13 , 2021

Many people are not unfamiliar with screw compressors.Its purchase costs are relatively expensive,and maintenance costs cannot be underestimated.A good and proper maintenance method can extend the service life of screw compressors,which is very beneficial to users.As a complex equipment,screw air compressors are strictly maintained and generally divided into 4 stages:daily maintenance,monthly maintenance,quarterly maintenance,and annual maintenance.

1.Daily maintenance

Maintenance items:check the oil level,check the air filter element and the coolant level,check the hose and all pipe joints for leaks,check that the consumable parts have reached the replacement cycle and must be stopped for replacement,check the exhaust temperature of the main engine,and reach or When the pre-warning temperature is approaching,the oil cooler must be cleaned to check the separator pressure difference.When the pressure difference reaches 0.6 bar or more (the limit is 1 bar) or the pressure difference starts to decrease,the separation core should be shut down and replaced.

2.Monthly maintenance

Maintenance items:check the cooler,clean it if necessary,check all wire connections and tighten them,check the contacts of the AC contactor,clean the dust on the surface of the motor suction port and the shell,clean the oil return filter,and check the air Whether the compressor setting is consistent with the operation.

3. Maintenance every quarter

Maintenance items:clean the main motor and fan motor,replace the oil filter element,clean the cooler,check the minimum pressure valve,safety valve,and check the sensor.

4. Annual maintenance

Maintenance items:replacement of lubricating oil and oil and gas separator filter element,replacement of air filter element,oil filter,safety valve calibration,check elastic coupling,check cooling fan,clean automatic drain valve,add or replace motor lubricating grease.

The daily maintenance and repair records of screw air compressors can be recorded regularly or irregularly,or recorded after maintenance.Accurate records are conducive to timely analysis and troubleshooting when the air compressor fails.The main contents of the maintenance record include inspection,cleaning,adjustment,supplementation,replacement and corresponding time.If the four maintenance cycles of the air compressor are done well,the service life of the machine can be greatly extended.

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