The Role Of Air Compressor Lubricants
Aug 10 , 2021

Air compressor lubricating oil is like the blood in the human body.It is an indispensable part of the air compressor.It plays a decisive role in the main engine and other parts of the air compressor.It is a liquid lubricant used to protect machinery and processed parts.Mainly plays the role of lubrication,cooling,rust prevention,cleaning,sealing and buffering.The correct and reasonable use of air compressor lubricating oil can not only ensure the normal operation of mechanical equipment,but also extend the life of the equipment.The following is a detailed explanation of the use of air compressor lubricants.

1.Reduce friction:Adding lubricant to the friction surface can reduce the coefficient of friction,reduce friction resistance,save energy consumption,and increase enterprise revenue.

2.Cooling function:The lubricant can absorb heat,transfer heat and dissipate heat,and discharge the frictional heat out of the machine at any time to reduce the temperature rise caused by the frictional heat.

3.Anti-rust effect:Lubricant can protect the friction surface from corrosion caused by air,water droplets,water vapor,corrosive gases and liquids,dust,and oxides.

4.the cleaning effect:The impurities can be taken away through the circulation of the lubricating oil and filtered out by the filter.

5.the sealing function:the lubricant forms a seal on some exposed parts to prevent the intrusion of moisture and impurities.

6.Power transmission:In many cases,lubricants have the function of power transmission,such as hydraulic transmission.

7.Cushioning function:When subjected to shock load,it can absorb shock,disperse buffer,and absorb shock.

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