Under what circumstances does the PM VSD compressor air end need to be repaired?
Nov 19 , 2021

Proper maintenance of permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor can reduce maintenance costs. However, improper "preventive maintenance" will increase costs, which we call ''maintenance redundancy'' or ''overmaintenance''. So, under what circumstances is it necessary to properly overhaul the permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor air end?

1. The gap increases

The distance between the Yin and Yang rotors of the main engine is increased. The direct consequence is that the leakage (reverse leakage) of permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor increases in the compression process, and the amount of compressed air discharged from the machine decreases. In terms of efficiency, the compression efficiency of the compressor is reduced, and the clearance between the Yin and Yang rotor and the back cover and the bearing is increased, which will mainly affect the sealing performance and compression efficiency of the compressor, while having a great impact on the service life of the Yin and Yang rotor, because many mechanical failures are initially caused by the clearance between the bearing and the spindle.

2. Increased wear and tear

The machine wears out sometimes in operation. Under normal circumstances, due to lubrication with lubricating fluid, wear will be reduced a lot, but after long-term high-speed operation, wear will slowly increase. According to the host of permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor, other parts in addition to bearings are worn. Minor wear can easily lead to increased wear and other major component damage and wear if appropriate precautions are not taken.

3, Component deformation

The host of permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor is the core compression component of the compressor. Its internal components are in high temperature and high pressure environment for a long time, coupled with high-speed operation, component deformation will inevitably occur over time. At the same time, the deformation is caused by the use of environmental factors. Generally, the air in the environment of permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor will have dust and impurities. After entering the machine, if these small solid substances form large solid blocks over time, it may lead to deformation of the Yin and Yang rotor, increase the gap, and even cause the main engine to be stuck.

4, The damage of components

The vulnerable parts of the main machine of air compressor mainly include various gaskets, sealing rings, shaft seals and so on. , especially the shaft seal, in the long-term high temperature, high pressure, high speed operation environment, its service life ratio is greatly shortened. The direct consequence of its damage is oil leakage of permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor. If not found in time, the Yin and Yang rotor and bearing will be burned due to lack of lubrication.

5. Increased costs

Increased maintenance costs and electricity costs. Because the main engine of air compressor is not overhauled after long-term operation, the wear of parts increases, and some wear impurities remain in the main engine cavity, which will shorten the service life of lubricating fluid. At the same time, due to the presence of impurities, the service time and filtration cycle of oil and gas separator core are greatly shortened, resulting in increased maintenance costs. In terms of power cost, the increase of friction and the decrease of compression efficiency will inevitably lead to the increase of power cost. If the motor load increases dramatically, the main engine will be locked or even scrapped. If the air compressor power is not big, can consider to change a new one.

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