What Are The Reasons For The Slow Inflating Of Air Compressors
May 11 , 2021

There is user feedback that the air compressor inflates slowly during running.The most direct impact is not enough air flow,low efficiency,and waste energy for this case.What is the general cause?And how to troubleshoot and solve it?Let's take you to find out.

1.Check whether the air filter is blocked.Clean the air filter regularly,appropriately shorten the replacement period when the environment is not good.

2.Check the pressure sensor of the air compressor,you can shut down the valve behind the air tank or inflate it when production stops to confirm that the machine is properly loaded and unloaded under the set pressure.

3.The intake and exhaust valves are faulty and cannot be fully opened.Check whether the intake and exhaust valves are fully open and whether adjustment is required.

4.Air end problem.Check the air supply efficiency of the air end.Close the valve behind the air tank,and then inflate into tank.Record from the display load to unload time,based on the tank volume and air flow of the nameplate on the air compressor to calculate the conclusion.

5.Air consumption increases,and air consumption is greater than the amount of air produced.Double-check the airway lines and equipment for air leakage,if the installation is reasonable,the air compressor and air equipment can not be too far away,check to see if there are new air equipment,or the selection of air compressor is small.

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