How Often Should The Oil Of Air Compressor Be Changed
Jan 18 , 2021

The oil of screw air compressor can maintain the normal operation of air compressor and prolong the service life of air compressor.Air compressor maintenance is actually similar to car maintenance.After a period of time, it is necessary to change the oil.Most cars are replaced with oil at a time of 5000 kilometers,and some will be replaced at a time of 10,000 kilometers. How long should the oil of screw air compressor be changed?

Screw air compressor has three kinds of oil.One is common mineral oil,which is cheaper.One is a better semisynthetic oil,which is relatively expensive.There is also a synthetic oil,which is the best quality of the three oils and the most expensive of the three.

1.Mineral oil is generally recommended to be replaced every 2000-3000 hours.

2.Semi-synthetic oil is generally recommended to be replaced every 4000 to 6000 hours.

3.Full synthetic oil is generally recommended to be replaced once every 6000-8000 hours.

In order to save costs,some users do not do oil change maintenance or use poor quality lubricating oil for a long time,which is easy to cause damage to the air compressor head.Some users choose the wrong lubricating oil,resulting in serious damage to the air compressor.Here we suggest the use of high quality oil with corrosion resistance,not easy to mix with water or foaming,and to change the oil in time within the service life of the lubricating oil,so as not to damage the machine due to the poor quality of the lubricating oil caused by high temperature phenomenon.

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