Following These Eight Rules Can Effectively Extend The Life Of The Air Compressor
Sep 08 , 2021

1.The operating environment of the air compressor should be kept clean and dry.The gas storage tank must be placed in a well-ventilated place,and sunlight exposure and high-temperature baking are strictly prohibited.

2.The installation of the power cord of the air compressor must meet the requirements of safe electricity usage regulations,repeated grounding is firm,and the electric shock protector is sensitive.In case of a power failure during operation,the power supply should be cut off immediately and restarted after the power is received.

3.When the air compressor is started,it must be carried out in a no-load state.After it runs normally,it will gradually enter the load operation.

4.Before opening the air supply valve,the gas pipeline should be connected,and the gas pipeline should be kept unblocked and not twisted.

5.The maximum pressure in the air storage tank of the air machine should not exceed the nameplate,and the safety valve should be sensitive and effective.

6.There should be no abnormal noise or overheating of the intake and exhaust valves,bearings and various parts.

7.When one of the following situations is found,the machine should be shut down for inspection immediately,and the operation can only be continued after the cause is found out:water leakage,air leakage,leakage or sudden interruption of cooling water;the indication value of the pressure gauge,temperature gauge,and ammeter exceeds the regulation;The air pressure suddenly rises,the exhaust valve and the safety valve fail;the machine has abnormal noise or the motor brush has strong sparks.

8. When using compressed air to blow parts,it is strictly forbidden to aim the tuyere at the human body or other equipment.

The screw air compressor should follow the above 8 rules when in use,which can effectively reduce the occurrence of air compressor failures,thereby ensuring the stable,reliable,and long-term operation of the air compressor.

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