How To Debug The Screw Air Compressor After Installation
Sep 01 , 2021
After the air compressor is installed,the most important task is to debug.Although various air compressor manufacturers have different requirements for commissioning work the general steps and basic principles are similar.As we all know,the commissioning of an air compressor is a basic work related to the quality of the equipment in the future.At the same time,it is also a systematic project,because it involves the compressed air system,from instruments and valves to the complete machine,to post-processing and piping.And many other links.Therefore,the air machine debugging is very important and not simple.
What affects the progress and quality of air compressor installation and commissioning includes not only the problems that may occur in the air compressor equipment itself,but also the professional quality of the installation and commissioning personnel and the skill level of the operators.The installation and commissioning of screw air compressors is not only a test for air compressor manufacturers,but also a test for users.For manufacturers,whether the production quality is satisfactory,whether the commissioning personnel have the ability and experience,are all related to the brand image and subsequent cooperation;for the user,whether the equipment selection is appropriate,the layout is reasonable,the infrastructure is qualified,and the follow-up training can be Keeping up is also a big test.
In addition,the debugging of the air compressor can be used not only on the new machine,but also after the equipment overhaul and maintenance.Although the debugging is mainly the work of the supplier,in order to reduce the damage rate of the equipment,the user operator should master the relevant air compressor Machine debugging knowledge is also very necessary.
1.Debugging sequence of air compressor
Generally speaking,the commissioning of air compressors can be divided into electrical commissioning and instrument commissioning.The commissioning of electrical and instrumentation is interrelated and restricts each other.
As air compressors often occupy a relatively important position in industrial production,the construction progress of air compressors often restricts the overall progress of the project,and the commissioning of electrical instruments also restricts the test run progress of the air compressor.In the construction of the project,there will often be problems such as the confusion of the air compressor's electrical instrument debugging work procedures,and the air compressor entering the trial operation stage but not putting into interlock protection.Therefore,the commissioning of the air compressor is usually carried out in the order of the motor no-load test operation of the air compressor,the air compressor no-load test operation,and the air compressor load test operation.
2. Debugging content of air compressor
Electrical debugging mainly includes:motor no-load rotation inspection and no-load current measurement,and some more rigorous and demanding users may also measure the insulation resistance and absorption ratio of the main motor of the air compressor,and the stator and rotor windings.DC resistance measurement,DC withstand voltage test and leakage current measurement of stator winding,AC withstand voltage test of stator winding, etc.
Instrument debugging:various instrument individual debugging,loop debugging,alarm and interlock debugging.
3. No-load test operation of the air compressor
After the air compressor is installed,the electrical instrument must meet the following conditions before the no-load trial operation:
(1) The installation and commissioning of the lubrication system of the motion mechanism and the related electrical instruments have been completed;
(2) The commissioning of the cooling water piping system and related instruments is completed;
(3) The commissioning of the compressor bearing temperature measuring instrument is completed.
1. Preparations before starting up
Before commissioning, prepare the necessary tools and data sheets,check the appearance of the auxiliary equipment of the unit,and ensure that the unit and auxiliary equipment have been installed as required.The water and electricity must be in place on the day of commissioning.The air compressor operator and responsible person must be present.
Before starting the machine,check the installation of the circuit and gas circuit,and make corrections where it does not meet the installation requirements;check whether the unit and transportation are damaged,whether the bolts are loose,broken,or lacking accessories;check the oil level,and tighten the main pile head of the motor And the main pile head of the power supply line,check the main motor and cable insulation,check whether the unit has oil leakage,check the coolant level,and add if necessary;check the power supply voltage and the air compressor and auxiliary electrical appliances. Whether the rated voltage matches,the next work can only be carried out if it matches.Send the power supply to measure the three-phase voltage and check the control display.If the display is reversed,replace any two-phase incoming wires of the power supply and adjust the power supply to the correct phase.
Before starting the machine,prepare the pipeline to be laid,check the valve opening state of the pipeline system,and close the vent valve. Some air compressors with post-processing devices sometimes require post-processing manufacturers to operate on site.After the check is correct,the equipment can be commissioned.For water-cooled units,check whether the diameter of the inlet and outlet pipes meets the requirements,and whether the cooling water pressure is normal (for example,the inlet pressure is greater than 0.3MPa).
2. Inspection of load trial operation
Open the air supply valve,and open the inlet and outlet water pipe valves for water-cooled units.According to one of the requirements for the compressor no-load test operation:the inching compressor should be run for 5min,30min and 2h in sequence after checking that there is no abnormal phenomenon at all parts,and the test operation must be 4h or longer if necessary.Check during operation:whether the motor is operating normally,the return water temperature of each cooling point,the oil level of the body oil pool,the temperature and oil pressure of the lubricating oil,and the sensitivity and reliability of the automatic control instrument of the air compressor.When all the indicators meet the specifications and equipment operation requirements,all the commissioning of the air compressor will be completed.
Fourth,the matters needing attention in the commissioning of the air compressor.
Pay attention to the following points in the process of debugging and running:
(1) The debugging of the new machine must be carried out by the debugging personnel designated or approved by the supplier;
(2) Before starting the machine,confirm that there is no one in the unit,check whether there are any leftovers and tools,close the door of the unit,and notify the crew around the unit to pay attention to safety when starting the machine;
(3) During trial operation,strictly check the operating direction of the air compressor.When it is found to be reversed,immediately stop the machine, cut off the power supply,reverse any two of the three-phase wires and restart the machine,otherwise the air compressor will be damaged (every time the factory power supply Pay attention to maintenance);
(4) The air compressor cannot work at a discharge pressure higher than the exhaust pressure specified on the nameplate,otherwise it will cause the motor to overload and burn out;
(5) When the air compressor is under remote control,the machine may start at any time and should be listed as a reminder;
(6) When the air compressor fails or there are unsafe factors,do not force it on.At this time, the power supply should be cut off and a prominent mark should be made;
(7) Operation and maintenance training for user operators is required.
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