How Large Air Tank And Air Dryer Should The Air Compressor Be Equipped With
Jun 01 , 2021

When you buy an air compressor,you usually need air tank.If the requirements are high,it may also be equipped with air dryer and filter.As for how to match,users may not know very well.They often think that to buy a 6m³ air compressor,it is necessary to equip a 6m³c air tank.Is this really the case? No.

According to practical application experience,the standard configuration ratio of air compressor and air tank is 3:1.For example,the air compressor's air flow is 3m³,so the air tank should be is 1m³.If you don't consider the purchase cost,it's OK to have a larger air tank.

Let's talk about how the air compressor is equipped with air dryer and filter.In fact,it's very simple.Just follow the principle of 1:1.

If the air output of the air compressor is 10m³,you will be equipped with a air dryer with a capacity of 10m³ and the corresponding filter.There is no problem with a little larger one.For example,a 5m³ air compressor can also be equipped with a 6m³ air dryer,but not too large,otherwise it will cause insufficient air consumption and ice jam.

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