How To Maintain The Air Compressor In Summer
May 28 , 2021

With the advent of summer,the country gradually entered the high temperature season,the outdoor temperature is more than 35°C.The air compressor room is a hotter place than the general environment.In hot and humid weather,the load of the air compressor is easy to reach the peak,resulting in increased energy consumption.Therefore,it is very important to take preventive measures to ensure the normal running of air compressor.So what are the maintenance work of air compressor in summer?

1.Check whether the drain pipe is in good working condition.In summer,higher humidity will produce more condensate,while the drain will need to deal with additional water.

2.Remove the residue and clean up the blocked cooler to prevent the air compressor from overheating.

3.Clean or replace the air compressor filter. A dirty filter will cause a pressure drop,but a clean filter will reduce energy consumption and keep the compressor in a low operating state.

4.Ensure the correct ventilation of air compressor room.Especially in summer,it is very important to use ducts and vents to discharge hot air from the outdoor or air compressor room.

5.If your system uses a water-cooled air compressor,please adjust the pressure,flow and temperature of the water in the air compressor to avoid overheating.

6.Check the oil level of the oil separator.If the oil level is lower than the oil level mark,add oil in time to prevent tripping at high temperature.The original lubricating oil shall be used when refueling,and the use of inferior lubricating oil shall be avoided.

7.Check the air filter,oil filter and oil separator.To prevent air filter clogging leading to excessive load of air compressor and high temperature.To prevent the internal pressure rising and high temperature caused by the plugging of oil core.To prevent oil filter clogging to reduce fuel injection.

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