When The Air Compressor Does Not Work,Repair Or Replace It
Jun 04 , 2021

In this era of rapid economic development,99% of factories need air compressor.So once the air compressor can not work,should the factory choose to repair or replace it?Today,we have consulted a master with ten years of experience in air compressor maintenance,and hope to help you.

For some small piston air compressors,if the cost is less than ¥1000,there is no doubt to replace a new one.But not all the high cost air compressor must choose maintenance,but also affected by the long time and the environment.

If the main core components of high-pressure air compressor have been seriously worn due to long service time or poor environment,and the maintenance cost accounts for more than 50-60% of the purchase cost of new compressor,it is advisable to consider purchasing a new one.

If the medium-high pressure screw air compressor is running for a long time,the screw rotor may have some problems, such as bearing wear,large meshing clearance,poor oil circuit,vibration,excessive running noise and so on.If it is not checked and repaired in time,there may be abnormal rotor friction,gear shifting,reduced operation reliability,reduced efficiency and increased energy consumption,which will have a comprehensive impact on production.For enterprises,the result of affecting production is equal to the increase of intangible cost.Considering the comprehensive influence of enterprises,it is more cost-effective to buy new one.In addition,if the long-term use of the air compressor is locked, the air compressor repair and maintenance costs are higher.

So the air compressor won't work,repair or replace it? Depending on the cost of the air compressor itself,but also depends on the maintenance cost of the air compressor,the use of time and the environment.

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