The Use Of The Nameplate Of Air Compressor
Jan 18 , 2021

Air compressor will be attached with a nameplate when it leaves the factory.This nameplate is equivalent to the "ID card" of air compressor.Through this ID card, we can roughly have a basic understanding of the properties of the machine.The nameplate of air compressor will generally include the following contents:

1.Model:air compressors can be distinguished by the suffix number in the nameplate model.For example, 10 represents a 10HP machine.

2.Factory number:this is the birth record of each air compressor,which is the representative of the original factory.The factory number of each machine is unique.This is a very important parameter.If your air compressor fails in the process of use,or runs for a period of time and needs to be maintained,this factory number should be provided to the manufacturer.

3.Air delivery:the volume of air discharged by an air compressor per unit time,converted to the aspirated state.The exhaust volume of screw air compressor is proportional to the speed, and the speed often changes with the voltage and frequency of the power grid.When the voltage is reduced or the frequency is reduced,the speed will decrease,so that the exhaust volume of the screw air compressor is reduced.

4.Discharge pressure:refers to the maximum exhaust pressure of the air compressor, that is the pressure parameter of unloading or stopping.When the discharge pressure of the air compressor is too high and exceeds the set value, protective shutdown will occur.

5.Motor power:refers to the mechanical power output on the rotating shaft of the motor under the condition of rated operation (rated voltage, rated frequency, rated load).That is to say, the rated power is not a value in the actual operation process,it actually describes the power capacity of the motor.

6.Unit specific power: specific power is the only criterion to judge whether screw air compressor is energy-saving.According to the national standard of GB19153-2009,our permanent magnet variable frequency screw air compressors have reached the national first-class energy efficiency standard.

7.Unit weight:refers to the net weight of the air compressor.

8.Dimensions:length,height and width of air compressor.

9.Delivery date:the time when the air compressor is produced.

10.Manufacturer:name and address of air compressor manufacturer.

You can choose the machine according to the parameters on the nameplate of the air compressor to meet your needs

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