Is Air Compressor And Compressor The Same Equipment
May 25 , 2021

Air compressor and compressor are two terms that people often say,but most people may not understand whether they are the same equipment,and even have such a misunderstanding:air compressor is compressor.In fact,there is a big difference between the two.

Air compressor,as its name implies,is an air compressor,which can convert mechanical energy into gas pressure energy,and is a pressure generating device of compressed air.That is,the medium of the air compressor is air.The main basis of air compressor selection is the working pressure and flow of pneumatic system.

The compressor is the heart of the refrigeration system.It has more media,such as air,water and so on.And it can be divided into refrigerant compressor,hydrogen compressor and air compressor and so on.There are oil cooling,air cooling and natural cooling.

To sum up,air compressor and compressor is a sub total relationship,just like Chinese and human,Chinese are included in the category of human,air compressor is included in the general concept of compressor,is a kind of compressor.

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