How To Maintain Stable Pressure
Jun 16 , 2021

Air compressors are used in many places in our work and life.After the air compressor has been used for a long time,it is inevitable that various phenomena such as wear,loose parts and insufficient pressure.The most direct impact of insufficient pressure is the progress of production.What are the reasons for insufficient air compressor pressure?How to keep the air compressor stable pressure?

1.Air consumption increased.Check whether the factory has increased air equipment recently and whether the air consumption is increasing.If so,it is necessary to buy another air compressor.

2.The air filter is blocked.If the filter element is not cleaned for a long time or the maintenance work is not carried out in time,the problem of blockage will appear.If the air filter is blocked,the filter element should be replaced in time.

3.The intake valve and the loading relief valve are not sensitive enough.It is recommended to repair and replace parts.

4.The pressure switch is out of order and it is recommended to replace it in time.

5.There is air leakage in the pipeline.Because of the service life or maintenance of some pipelines,there are some small cracks and other problems,which lead to the reduction of gas pressure.This problem is easy to solve.Just find the leak and repair it.In addition,when installing the air compressor,try to buy good quality pipes.

6.The air end is aging or malfunctioning.The air end is the core part of the air compressor,which is the place where the pressure is generated.If there is no problem in other places,then the problem generally lies in the air end.It is necessary to carry out regular overhaul or maintenance of the air end,and timely replace it in case of any problem.

As an important power equipment in manufacturing,air compressors maintain a sufficient and stable working pressure,which can ensure the smooth operation of terminal air equipment,thereby improving the efficiency of the enterprise.

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