How To Choose Air Compressor In Food Industry
Jun 12 , 2021

With the continuous improvement of living standards,people's demand for high-quality food is also increasing.Most of the world's leading food manufacturers have increasingly stringent requirements for source quality.In this context,how to choose an air compressor has become a top priority for food manufacturers.In order to ensure product quality,they often chooses oil-free screw air compressors.

Why the food industry can only choose oil-free screw air compressor?In the process of food production,pure and oil-free air is very important for food safety.Any lubricating oil,dust,moisture and microorganism will pollute the food,eventually affect its taste,purity and quality,and even endanger the health of consumers and the brand reputation of enterprises.Therefore,the oil-free screw air compressor is widely used in the food industry.

Our company has developed oil-free air compressor which fully meets the food industry standard. Its oil-free air technology meets the oil content "Class 0" standard under the latest international standard.It can provide clean and environment-friendly air source without oil pollution,and provide ideal air source for food processing.

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