What To Pay Attention To When Installing A Newly Purchased Screw Air Compressor
Jun 19 , 2021

Screw air compressors are the most widely used models in the air compressor market today,and they are becoming more and more popular in the market.So what should be paid attention to in the installation of the newly purchased screw air compressor?

1.When moving or hoisting the air compressor,it should be carried out under the condition of ensuring safety.It is forbidden to operate the hoist on rainy days.

2.After placing,start to install the circuit,which must be reliably grounded and the circuit shall be installed in strict accordance with the relevant voltage electrical safety operation procedures.

3.When the screw air compressor is started for the first time,it is necessary to confirm the rotation of the motor,and it must be ensured that the rotation of the motor is correct.If it does not work,please adjust the live and neutral wires.

4.The emergency stop button is used to stop the unit in case of abnormality.Generally,do not use this button for normal shutdown.

5.Some screw air compressors are remotely controlled by mobile phones.Please pay attention to the operation in accordance with the instructions and specifications during maintenance or machine operation.

6.When the screw air compressor works,its exhaust temperature may reach about 100℃.The temperature of the air end,radiator and oil pipe is very high.Please do not touch these parts with your hands to avoid scalding.

7.Screw air compressor operators have the responsibility to ensure that the machine runs under safe conditions.If unsafe hidden dangers or abnormal phenomena are observed,the machine should be shut down for maintenance in time until the screw air compressor returns to normal.

8.Repair and maintenance must be carried out by qualified professionals or under their guidance.Before carrying out any repair,please follow the following steps:

Ⅰ.Stop the compressor to cool down the unit.

Ⅱ.Close the outlet exhaust valve and safely relieve the pressure of the compressor air system to zero.

Ⅲ.Press the emergency stop button.

Ⅳ.Turn off the power.

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