What Is The Difference Between A Screw Air Compressor And A Traditional Air Compressor
Jun 24 , 2021

Screw air compressor is currently a more popular and suitable model.It will replace the traditional piston air compressor.All the users of our company have better feedback on the screw air compressor,mainly because screw air compressors have more advantages than other types of air compressors.

1. Efficient and reliable drive system

The screw air compressor can drive the compression components at an efficient speed through the transmission system,so that the screw air compressor is free from maintenance during normal operation.The internal structure of the piston air compressor is complicated and there are many vulnerable parts.Once it fails,the work will be delayed for a long time.

2. Intelligent visual operation panel

Screw air compressors are equipped with intelligent control systems to help users better manage the air compressors.When equipment problems occur,they can be accurately reflected to users.

3.Simple internal structure,low maintenance cost.

4.High performance and more energy saving

The compression components used in the screw air compressor can ensure that the temperature of the equipment and the compressed air are kept low, so that the internal components can achieve a better cooling effect,thereby improving the operating performance of the equipment.

Our air compression system can bring high-quality air at the lowest possible cost under the right pressure,according to your needs,and can also provide more airflow with less pressure drop,thereby significantly reducing the air compressor Operating cost,and ensure stable pressure drop,reduce energy waste.

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