How to choose air compressor for auto repair industry
Jun 09 , 2021

Air compressor is a necessary equipment in automobile repair shop,which is usually used with pneumatic tools.In the purchase should be based on the specific use of pressure,air flow and power supply voltage.

Ⅰ.The use pressure should be the actual use pressure plus the pressure of air transmission pipeline and purification system,pipeline leakage,etc;

Ⅱ.Air consumption period,tank,possible leakage and future expansion plan should be considered in the selection of air flow,which is generally about 20% more than the actual consumption.

Ⅲ.The single-phase or three-phase type is determined according to the power supply situation.If three-phase power is allowed for the power supply,the three-phase type is appropriate.

Pay attention to the following matters when using air compressor:

1.Check whether the screws,nuts and other parts are loose.

2.Check whether the oil reaches the oil level mark.

3.Check whether the fulcrums of each wheel have been leveled or fixedly balanced.

4.Check whether the pipelines are normal.

5.Check whether the voltage is too high or not enough.Generally,the voltage should be maintained at +/-10% of the rated voltage.

6.Whether the wires and electrical switches comply with the regulations,and whether the wiring is correct and firm to prevent leakage.Connect the ground wire to the grounding mark of the air compressor to ensure safety.

7.Whether the condensed water and oil stains in the tank have been removed.

8.Before disassembling any accessories on the air compressor,the air in the tank should be drained to ensure safety.

9.The air compressor must be placed in a ventilated place,where it cannot be exposed to water.

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